Lesson One

Introduction to The Bible File

Lesson Two

Dressing the Stage

Lesson Three(A)


Lesson Three (B)

Abraham & Joseph

Lesson Three (C)

Moses & Joshua

Lesson Three (D)

Three Societies

Lesson Three (E)


Lesson Three (F)


Lesson Four

The Bible Story in Quick Time

Lesson Five (A)

Biblical Bedrock Part 1

Lesson Five (B)

Biblical Bedrock Part 2

Lesson Six

The Opened Bible

Lesson Seven

Setting Up The Books: Lining Up The Old Testament

Lesson Eight

Setting Up The Books: The New Testament Comes Together

Lesson Nine


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We've Also Included some "Life Applications"

Following each lesson weve included some life lessons and group questions for each of the The Bible File Folders in the lessons linked on the left.

To study the Bible without a forceful, thoughtful application of its precepts and instructions is to have only "half a loaf." Its treasure of nuance and testimony to the glory of the Father and His Son is essential to more fully understand the promises that fill its pages from Genesis to Revelation.

Effective teaching requires us to install in the learner a life-related reason for the learning, whatever it might be. In the case of THE BIBLE... BASICALLY®, its teachers should provide rational applications of the lessons to be learned from Scriptures whenever possible. For many Bible readers and teachers, that responsibility comes easily. For others, not so easily, not so quickly.

There follows, therefore, a set of suggested Applications, two for each of the ten file folders of TBB's Bible File. For example: what lessons can we learn from “The Joshua File?” Or what observations and applications can be mined from the “Captivity File?” The possibilities are unlimited and as varied as our ability to comprehend eternal truths from God’s Word.

To give you a jump-start on this idea — and an impetus to develop your own – there follow some possible applications from each of the ten folders of “The Bible File.”

They are not deeply theological. However, in their simplicity of questions and challenges, they will open up conversation and discussion that will bring the group into a closer relationship with each other and to God's Word.
Make use of them as you wish or use them to develop a set of your own; i.e., prayerfully enter the depths of your own spirit, seeking to develop your own original applications that communicate to your students a sampling of all the richness that lies within Scripture’s pages.

That richness becomes even more apparent once the great story line of Scripture is understood in its broad outlines – which is the foundational purpose of THE BIBLE... BASICALLY® learning tool in the first place.

John E. Fryman, Ph.D.