Lesson One

Introduction to The Bible File

Lesson Two

Dressing the Stage

Lesson Three(A)


Lesson Three (B)

Abraham & Joseph

Lesson Three (C)

Moses & Joshua

Lesson Three (D)

Three Societies

Lesson Three (E)


Lesson Three (F)


Lesson Four

The Bible Story in Quick Time

Lesson Five (A)

Biblical Bedrock Part 1

Lesson Five (B)

Biblical Bedrock Part 2

Lesson Six

The Opened Bible

Lesson Seven

Setting Up The Books: Lining Up The Old Testament

Lesson Eight

Setting Up The Books: The New Testament Comes Together

Lesson Nine


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Lesson Two

Here's what You'll Learn.

In Lesson Two you'll learn to set the stage of all the Biblical action that takes place in the Old and New Testaments. By the time you finish this lesson you will be familiar with the geography of the ancient Near East, and be able to place the major bodies of water, and many of the locations mentioned in Scripture.


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