Lesson One

Introduction to The Bible File

Lesson Two

Dressing the Stage

Lesson Three(A)


Lesson Three (B)

Abraham & Joseph

Lesson Three (C)

Moses & Joshua

Lesson Three (D)

Three Societies

Lesson Three (E)


Lesson Three (F)


Lesson Four

The Bible Story in Quick Time

Lesson Five (A)

Biblical Bedrock Part 1

Lesson Five (B)

Biblical Bedrock Part 2

Lesson Six

The Opened Bible

Lesson Seven

Setting Up The Books: Lining Up The Old Testament

Lesson Eight

Setting Up The Books: The New Testament Comes Together

Lesson Nine


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Lesson Three (A)

Open the "Creation" folder

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Life Application from: The CREATION File

At the time of Noah, mankind was not following God’s ways. The world was totally evil when God called Noah to save himself and his family and the animals from the coming flood, which would destroy all life. He was to build a floating craft unlike any known before. Noah was obedient. He did all that was required of him; he survived the great deluge along with his wife, three sons and their families, preserved safely there with him in the Ark.

Application #1

Noah believed God and he and his family were saved. How clearly do we listen to God’s directions in our own lives, the "still small voice" – even when we do not know the outcome of events that the future may hold for us?


Have a few students relate such incidents from their own lives or within their families. Those who are willing might share an example when God's directions were not followed in their personal experience.

Application #2

Looking at Noah's life through the long lens of history, we clearly recognize the fact that our world today descends from Noah's and his family's willingness to obey the Lord in order to survive the great catastrophe.


We never know the eventual results of our willingness to follow the Lord's leading, strange though it might seem at the time. Have students recall historic or other characters not so well known whose lives led to the development of Christian ministries familiar to us today.