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Frequently Asked Questions

Burning Question

Why do all this, anyway?

In this world of information overload, knowledge and learning of the basic document of the faith, the Bible, is frequently drowned in a tidal wave of other information and time-consuming activities brought on by contemporary life. As the “post-Christian” society has made continued inroads, we have steadily moved away from a biblical base for all of life and all of living.  THE BIBLE...BASICALLY® assists in returning people to God’s Word as they learn access to the Scriptures in a new and absorbing way.  As one student said about THE BIBLE...BASICALLY®: “So that’s what it’s all about!”


What will I learn from THE BIBLE...BASICALLY®?

First…and simply put: THE BIBLE...BASICALLY® teaches the great Bible story, quickly and efficiently. For many students, the very meaning of the Bible is revolutionized. As they say repeatedly, “It comes together for the very first time!” Students are learning to “mentally manage the Bible.” For the first time, report many, every part of the Bible has a context in which to fit.

Second…research shows that most people simply do not possess a view of Scripture that encompasses the entire grand story. They also do not have in mind a way to categorize and to organize all the vast store of biblical information that comes to any believer. Through a unique system of memory tools (quickly discarded when no longer needed) students acquire a new, coherent, united view of Scripture.

Why is “biblical context” all that important?

Without the broader context of its place in Scripture, the meaning of each part of Scripture is only partly recognized and appreciated. THE BIBLE...BASICALLY® quickly teaches a high-altitude view of biblical context that, for many, gives Scripture new meaning and, therefore, new influence in the life of the Bible reader.

How does THE BIBLE...BASICALLY® differ from other Bible survey studies?

THE BIBLE...BASICALLY® is NOT a Bible survey. Surveys, as a rule, immediately present so much detail that many would-be students are frightened away, intimidated by size and complexity. In TBB, minute details of the Bible story are not taught. Early on students learn that he or she will not be required to learn or parrot back enormous amounts of detail (people, dates, locations, etc.) only to be quickly forgotten once the survey is concluded.

Who is THE BIBLE...BASICALLY® designed to serve?

Through the past 25 years, thousands of students have experienced THE BIBLE...BASICALLY® in the United States, Russia, Italy, and China, representing all ages and occupations, including many in full or part-time ministry. The overwhelming student response has been that the training has provided a brand new grasp of Scripture, a new view of its meaning and clearer understanding of many of the “whys” of the principal events of the biblical chronology.

What is “The Bible File”?

“The Bible File” is the main metaphor for teaching THE BIBLE...BASICALLY® ideas. One’s thinking in terms of a “mental filing system” allows information stored in memory to be sorted and rearranged according to the progress of the great biblical story -- much as a computer stores and sorts information to make it more usable and accessible.


Bible File