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Welcome to The Bible... BASICALLY®

Where the Bible puzzle comes together!

Your ability to make sense of the entirety of the Old and New Testaments starts right here.

John E. Fryman, author of this work, holds his doctorate in visual media & communication from The University of Texas at Austin with postgraduate study at Dallas Theological Seminary. The information presented here has been taught around the world and translated into several different languages.

Based on the number “7” you'll learn to develop a system of ten mental file folders called “The Bible File” which gives you a mental framework on which to hang everything you already know about Scripture, and everything you learn about the Bible in the future.

In the very first lesson, you'll learn a mnemonic series of ten words that bind together the entire Biblical chronology.

In the second lesson,“Dressing the Stage of the Biblical Action.” You'll learn to draw a map of the Ancient Near East with major Biblical locations and principal water bodies, that will help you place where the action chronicled in the Bible takes place. use in the Chronology section below.

THE QUICK CHRONOLOGY© encompasses the Story Core of Scripture -- Once you have the ten file folders of “The Bible File” you'll learn to fill them in with a number of Biblical highlights from Genesis to The Revelation.

You'll also learn about the Abrahamic, Land, and Davidic, and New Covenants and how they have shaped the Biblical story and influence world events to this day.


Bible Spine Picture

Welcome To A “Breakthrough Idea” in Discipleship and Biblical Literacy

“I wish I had been taught this [THE BIBLE…BASICALLY] at the start of my Christian walk -- it would have saved me a LOT of grief and confusion, especially as concerns OT scriptures. Now I think I can more effectively remember and communicate the essential message of Scripture in a concise, organized way that will be of help to many who struggle with understanding the events of Scripture.”

That’s the response of one earlier student to basically the same few hours of learning that lie ahead of you. Hopefully you will emerge from this training with a new coherent, and synthesized view of Scripture probably unlike any you have had before.

Please view the lessons in order because each one builds upon the next.

You'll be able to download a complete set of study helps to use with each lesson and may want to use later for your own study -- and for teaching others!

Thanks for exploring this website. We hope you will be greatly blessed by all that you will experience from THE BIBLE…BASICALLY®


"The Quick Chronology, the core content of the overarching project, THE BIBLE... BASICALLY®, joins a larger body of works by others through this and the last century that have attested to the enduring value of a biblical knowledge base built upon a foundation of the chronological flow of Scripture.

"We are grateful for each effort that has preceded ours and pray that this work will be equally welcomed and useful toward advancement of the Kingdom.

"This work has been realized only through the continuing encouragement and support of my precious wife, Sarah. There are no words adequate to express my love, devotion, and gratitude to this one whose life reflects in all ways the dimensions of her faith in Our Lord, His Gospel and the wonder of His Word.

"To the family of Thomas R. (Bob) Sivley of Fort Worth, Texas, and Artesia, New Mexico, I am indebted for friendship and support across many years and for an enduring belief in the vision that gave birth to The Bible...Basically® concept and its international applications.

"Enormous gratitude is also due Jack and Nell Brown, H. Andrew Read and to Tim and Terri Dunn for their belief in and early support of this ministry."

--John Fryman